Francis Lorin Interiors prides itself in helping every family to find a decorating style that reflects their personality may it be colorful, elegant, simple, chic, comfortable, organic, mold resistant, or handicapped accessible.  Interior Decorating reflects beauty in the eye of the beholder, and Francis Lorin Interiors is here to help you reach every dream no matter how dramatic or simple it may be.  Servicing the Mississippi Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina left its destruction in 2005.   Francis Lorin Interiors wants to make your home a beautiful home.  Come to Francis Lorin Interiors today to find your perfect home design.  

Francis Lorin will help you decorate, organize, or update a room, house

or outdoor space 

Organize & Declutter 

Francis Lorin recommends use of natural products when possible  Francis Lorin can organize any closet or space and can help with decluttering.  Francis Lorin can also unpack and set up a home after moving.

Specialize in Southern Elegance in Home Décor Ideas 

Francis Lorin reflects in her aesthetics of interior decor old historic Cape Cod, Charleston, South Carolina, New Orleans, and  Boston.  Southern and New England beauty is an elegance that Francis Lorin duplicates because it reflects comfort, warmth and class that is timeless. Francis Lorin loves to create and decorate any room. 

Francis Lorin Interiors brings excellence to Interior Decorating.

Interior Decorator 

Francis Lorin specializes in Decorating or Assisting in New Design Builds or Renovation with specialized contractors who are licensed and highly skilled at their craft.   Francis Lorin vets all contractors she refers to in all projects.  Francis Lorin can decorate a home for special occasions, holidays.  As an interior decorator and/or organizer, her mantra is to live beautiful, healthy, and comfortable. 

Historic Preservation

Renovations are preserved in historical homes.  Francis Lorin preserves original craftsmanship and integrity with an updated flare that doesn't lose touch with the comforts of today.  Francis Lorin can manage any remodel, and will always make sure the client is happy.

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Interior decorator & organizer